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AEZ Investment is a professional real estate brokerage company licensed by the Department of Real Estate in California. The group is headquartered in San Jose, a major town in Silicon Valley, and is mainly engaged in consulting and services related to real estate buy and sale, property management, real estate loan and refinance,real estate agent training school, real estate-related market analysis, project research and judgment, land investment and real estate development.  

AEZ investment business covers the entire United States, not only in major cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles in California, but also in major cities such as New York, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, and Boston.It has a comprehensive market linkage network to provide customers with customized professional service.

Relying on the advantages of the United States, rich project operation experience, extensive business cooperation with local companies in the United States and a sound real estate database, the company provides investors with practical and feasible operation solutions, and is a one-stop investment and consulting service platform.

The AEZ Investment Team is a bilingual professional team in Chinese and English with an international perspective. It dares to explore, is innovative, creative and has a sense of mission. The members of the company have received higher education from both China and the United States. With rich professional experience and excellent professional qualities, they provide investors with full-process consulting services to jointly develop and share success.

Keeping the interests of customers first, business reputation first, and helping customers obtain efficient returns in the US real estate investment market are the foundation of our business.








Leasing a Home



Committed to Excellence


Shawn Luo from AEZ Realty helped me buy our first house in the Bay Area. He provided us with lots of professional advice and local insights. Shawn has worked in the Bay Area for many years and knows this area very well. He guided us through the whole process: from hunting for houses, making offers, applying for mortgage, all the way to completing the purchase. I felt lucky to have Shawn as my realty agent and will not hesitate to work with him again!

Sarah Wang

I worked with AEZ Investment for almost ten years. Shawn helped me bought the properties, managed my properties and sell them, all smoothly and successfully. He is very honest, experienced and knowledge person. He always stands behind principle's side and try every possibility to help them. I have not seen any real estate agents as professional as Shawn. All the staffs in AEZ are very friendly too. They are very patient listen to you and act quickly. AS a long term customer of AEZ, I'd like to highly recommend them.

Frank Lee

We talked to quite a few realtors and finally chose Shawn for our first house. Shawn is very professional and patient. He never push us to make decisions and tried his best to negotiate the price for us. He went through all the details of disclosures with us until 11:30 pm to help make our decisions. I would definitely recommend  Shawn to our family and friends.

Jessie Brown

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